6 – Spirit of Adventure

Spirit of Adventure: Being excited to try new things, even when you are not sure if you will be good at them.

Image of the condition of "Spirit of Adventure"Our behaviors in the face of relentlessly shape-shifting technologies are key to success with making this Condition work online. No sooner have we learned one way of doing something that didn’t even used to be possible when a newer more powerful method comes along. The answer to “how do you do X” with technology is often “I don’t know, but I bet together we can figure it out” and we need to set that norm within our community. Making it safe “not to know” but feeling supported in trying new things is critical to our continual evolution. I advocate that everyone come with three things: 1) knowing what you want to learn; 2) awareness of what you already know; 3) being willing to share what you know with others in the same way that people who already know what you want to learn will be ready to share with you. Doing so keeps our spirit of adventure healthy and vibrant.

Links to each of the 8 Conditions: Belonging, Heroes, Sense of Accomplishment, Fun & Excitement, Curiosity & Creativity, Spirit of Adventure, Leadership & Responsibility, Confidence to take Action.

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