New Models for eLearning: Sessions, Roles and Levels

Transformative means of organizing ourselves into a distributed learning community, as currently being developed, tested and implemented in the Digital Learning Process.

Sessions: Our courses are based on competency rather than seat time. Therefore, instead of being organized into weeks, they are organized into sessions. You progress from one to the next based on your readiness and demonstrated mastery.

Roles: You select the role you will take according to your objective with any particular session.

Levels: Following Dr. Robert J. Marzano’s design for standards based learning, activities in each session are designed to demonstrate different levels of mastery. Level 1 (factual recall), Level 2 (application), and Level 3 (synthesis) are woven throughout learning activities. Level 4 (going beyond what is explicitly taught) is identified by coaches and mentors with specific area expertise.

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