7 – Leadership & Responsibility

Leadership & Responsibility: Making your own decisions and accepting responsibility for your choices.

Image for the condition of "Leadership & Responsibility"Margaret Riel, a pioneer in online collaborative learning, has taught me two very powerful things. She says “our role is to make our students more powerful versions of themselves” and also that it’s important to remember that “you can lead from any seat.” The opportunities we design for students to stretch their wings is proportional to the degree we exhibit these behaviors ourselves. This also requires trusting relationships, especially online, where many of the visual and verbal cues we rely upon in “real life” may not be present. Finally, the way in which we design roles, and prepare people to take on increasing levels of responsibility (including support and coaching) is critical to nurturing this Condition online.

Links to each of the 8 Conditions: Belonging, Heroes, Sense of Accomplishment, Fun & Excitement, Curiosity & Creativity, Spirit of Adventure, Leadership & Responsibility, Confidence to take Action.

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