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Ferdi Serim helps people become more effective in “real life” by incorporating the power of digital learning communities focused on talent development. He has worked in many venues: Board Member of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE); the New Mexico Public Education Department's EdTech Director, Reading First Director, Program Manager for Literacy, Technology & Standards; Board Member of the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), Innovate+Educate, and Education360; director of the Online Internet Institute (OII); Associate of the David Thornburg Center for Professional Development (and jazz musician). Most recently, he has launched CLARO Consulting: Community Learning and Resource Optimization, focused on talent development through knowledge capture and transfer. Ferdi’s favorite credential, however, comes from Dizzy Gillespie, who said he’s a “pretty good drummer".

What ISTE means to me: Innovative Systems Transforming Education

I chose education as a profession for social justice reasons. Since my draft number for Vietnam came up 311, it meant I wouldn’t have to go. I decided to fight a different war, closer to home, addressing the gaps in … Continue reading

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Belief In Science

Belief In Science Last night, I saw a post that said, “before Facebook, I just assumed we all believed in science” which first made me smile, but left me unsettled. The confusion is rooted in an implied, but poorly framed … Continue reading

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What is TechTonic Change?

Drawing from plate tectonics as a metaphor, the structures that support and underlie global learning (eg. land masses) are moving, colliding and reshaping learning landscapes every day. In TechTonics, the plates are global: cultural, economic, political, environmental “plates” all interact … Continue reading

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